Part 2: Why It Needs It and What The Emmys Are

And the Emmy goes to…not her

I’ve commented on more than one occasion that the Emmys almost never lead the way when it comes to recognizing great television. After The Crown and Ted Lasso dominated on Sunday, there was a huge outcry saying that the Emmys are just followers. To this I say, if only that were true.

If the Emmys were willing to follow other awards shows like the Golden Globes or SAG awards, it would make jobs for people like me a lot easier. But in my experience — which goes back nearly…

And Why The Media Isn’t Happy About It

This is what you need to be watching

Ever since the latest installment of Ryan Murphy’s extraordinary anthology series American Crime Story was announced to deal with Bill Clinton’s impeachment, there’s been a lot of backlash. Not just the predictable one from the political media, but from just about everyone in media and supposedly in the world. They say we’ve just lived through two impeachments in the course of a year and even aside from that, most of them had so many painful memories from Saturday Night Live’s reenactment of everything that happened, why should we go through a fictionalized…

Part 1: A Possible Way To Fix Them

Probably didn’t help the Emmys Image. KMOV.COM

No sooner had the Emmys ended their broadcast then Twitter started the hashtag #EmmysSoWhite to protest that for all the record number of nominees of color, not one actor of color had won. (They all seemed to have ignored the fact that Michaela Coel became the first African-American woman to win an Emmy for writing in a Limited Series and they clearly hadn’t noticed that three of the winners for Guest Actor and Actress the night before had been actors of color, but I’m going to let that pass for now.) Now…

It’s Nice When (Most) Of The Right Shows and People Win

She completely earned it

After nearly fifteen years of trying to predict the winners for the Emmys — ten of them professionally, five of them at this site — I had actually forgotten something. How genuinely good you feel when a series you really like — really enjoy — wins. Not only wins, but does well.

Maybe it’s part of the detachment that comes from being a critic all this time, but after all these years I had forgotten the last time I really had fun watching the Emmys. Thought they’d made the…

Writing and Directing for all Major Categories

Good night for Ted

As I promised, just before Emmy night I’m going to evaluate Best Directing and Writing for all three major categories. Unlike everything else, though, I’m going to lean more on my personal feelings rather than any professional beliefs. So I’ll put forth what I think should win and what I think will win. I will start with comedy.


B Positive and Mom have no real chance. I think it is likely to go to one of the Ted Lasso stories. My personal preference would be ‘The Hope That Kills You’…

How I Fell In Love With What We Do In The Shadows

The only people who never read Twilight.

As those of you who follow me are aware, I have the unfortunate habit of falling behind on brilliant series and then deciding to ignore them. This is a habit that is more related to comedies than dramas. I came almost too late to properly enjoy Veep and Parks & Recreation and I completely missed the boat on Modern Family and The Middle.

But the network I’ve come to the latest when it comes to original comedies is FX. I missed the first season of Atlanta (I did…

Part 1: David E. Kelley

This is David E Kelley at his best hellomagazine

For those who have watched TV in the past few years, it is easy to equate David E. Kelley as enjoying a major creative renewal with a group of exceptional well-done shows with Nicole Kidman at the center. Big Little Lies was one of the biggest critical and ratings successes for HBO (are we going to get a third season, David?) The Undoing was a major audience and critical success last fall with nominations for Hugh Grant and awards for Donald Sutherland, and Nine Perfect Strangers has already achieved great buzz for Hulu this past…

Back to Life IS Back for season 2

She deserve all the chances we can give her.

One of the more pleasing discoveries of the last decade on TV has been the emergence of Daisy Haggard. Those lucky few of us who enjoyed Episodes well remembered Haggard’s scene-stealing role as a network assistant who only seemed to speak in moans — even when she gave birth. Two years ago, she began co-starring with Martin Freeman in Breeders, a superb BBC-FX collaboration about two fortyish parents with difficult children and parents. …

HBO Takes On Scenes From A Marriage

Trust me. It won’t be fun.

In 1974 one of the greatest mini-series of all time premiered on Swedish television. Ingmar Bergman wrote and directed what many consider the crowning achievement in one of the greatest artists of all time: Scenes from a Marriage. Starring Erland Josephson and Liv Ullman, one of Bergman’s former lovers and greatest muses, the series examined six separate episodes from a decade in the marriage of a professional Swedish couple whose married life unspools. To consider how powerful this series was at the time, in the weeks following marriage counselors throughout Sweden were overwhelmed…

First In A Series of Articles on How Television Has Changed Twenty Years After The Attacks of September 11th

Nope. Jack Still Would’ve Been There

By now the phrase ‘everything changed after 9/11’ has been used so frequently that it has become a dull cliché. Politicians, the media, the entire world has said it so often that the phrase ‘post September 11th world’ is little more than a talking point.

However, when it comes to the medium of television, things have noticeably changed since September of 2001. Just — not the way everybody thinks.

Considering that so many of the series that are considered game changers…

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