He’s Not Progressive Or Conservative. He’s Just A Complainer Disguised as an Entertainer

He’s Not laughing with anybody deadline.com

I really don’t like have to write about the same subjects over and over. And I’ve made a noble effort over the past decade writing about television to do my level best to keep politics out of this column. That being said, considering that this subject refers to a political comedian whom both sides really don’t seem to understand, I feel I have a certain obligation to revisit this.

Over and over you see members of the conservative media try to hang on to the idea that…

The Search for Someone to Replace Alex Trebek

Please consider staying! theweek.com

George Stephanopoulos: Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

After so many weeks of decent hosts, it was perhaps inevitable that we’d get another soft-spoken, practically dull journalist as our guest host. George turned the volume down to pretty much half strength the entire time he was guest-hosting. It’s the first time since Steve Whitaker that I really didn’t think the host was going through the motions. I practically dosed off during some of them.

Which really is a shame because this week there were actually some very competitive, high caliber…

The White Lotus And The Rare Comedy Limited Series

They check in. Someone won’t check out. purewow.com

For much of the 21st Century writer-director Mike White has been one of the leading lights of independent films, from the dark comedy Chuck & Buck, the wistful The Good Girl and the impressive Beatriz at Dinner, he as also balanced them with some unlikely blockbusters — honestly, it’s kind of hard to imagine he’s the same man who wrote School of Rock and Nacho Libre.

He’s also been one of the more intriguing TV writers, going back to his years in the first seasons of Dawson’s Creek. He worked on…

Or the Real Reason Most People Don’t Like Reboots

This is American TV at its greatest. wionews.com

I have repeatedly made clear that I think that the main reason network television is in dire straits is because they keep trying to reboot existing properties rather than come up with new series. That being said, I wouldn’t mind if the networks did reboot certain series — mainly ones that were ahead of their time and could have more scope now. Wiseguy was a series decades ahead of its time and if the right people were to bring it back, I think it could work brilliantly no matter who played…

And They’re Bigger and Better Than Ever

They acknowledged she was the best npr.com

Ever since I became aware of the Television Critics Association a few years ago, I’ve been impressed by their ability to nominate series that the Emmys are unlikely to nominate and if they do, more frequently than not, don’t win. I have spent the last month salivating for the times they would finally get around to it. Last night, the nominations were announced and while the collective group isn’t quite as impressive as the Hollywood Critics Association last week, it’s still a formidable group.

Indeed, one of their more impressive accomplishments was deciding…

Conclusion: Outstanding Movie, Limited Series or Special

All right. She and her series earned it hollywoodlife.com

All right. I admit I, like the rest of us, have gotten used to the acting categories in Best TV Movie, Limited Series or Special being dominated by the Limited Series category over the past five years. And I also realize the huge reception the filmed version of Hamilton got last year. That being said, I find it excessive to the extreme as to just how overboard the Emmys decided to recognize Hamilton’s cast, especially when you consider not only how many other great performances and series there were this year, but how…

Part 2: The Comedies

The Hope Didn’t Kill Them theringer.com

Comedy was more of a mixed bag than dramas, but that’s usually the case with me. I’ve actually been catching up on quite a few of them and I’m impressed by more than I thought I was. Here are my reactions


I wanted The Flight Attendant, The Kominsky Method, black-ish and Ted Lasso to be here and they are. Having gotten through more than half a season of Hacks, I’m improved my opinion of it and it more than deserves the fifteen nominations it ended up getting. I’ll be reviewing Pen15 later on…

My (Generally) Positive Reaction to the 2021 Emmy Nominations, Part 1: Drama

Bet you’re sorry you cancelled it now, HBO star-revue.com

For those of you who are familiar with the columns I write this time of year, you are no doubt familiar with my general tone. I express how, as always, my grand hopes for the Emmy nominations were dashed, that they tend to once again go with the familiar rather than quality and how they seem slouching towards obsolescence.

Except… that really didn’t happen this year.

Perhaps it was inevitable in a year when so many of the major winners from previous years were ineligible, either because they…

It Sounds Enlightened In Theory. In Practice It Would Be A Disaster

Doesn’t work when two of these become one

I’ve been pondering this column for the past couple of weeks. Part of the reason I haven’t written it is because I’ve been so busy. More accurately, what I’m about to say is not going to make popular in certain circles and may get me more than my share of angry posts. That being said, I think the theory behind what I’m about to say is sound. So here goes.

Two weeks ago, the Emmy made the announcement that they were ‘considering’ the possibility of letting acting nominees…

Why We Should Stop Trying To Read Into The Purge Franchise

They’re monsters in masks killing people. What else is new? indiewire.com

Note: This doesn’t fall under my usual category of criticism. However, since it does tangentially relate to television, I feel I am qualified to write about it.

Over the past decade, one of the most popular franchises has been The Purge. Based on a mediocre 2013 movie with a concept that would probably have fit more in the 1980s incarnation of The Twilight Zone than anything Rod Serling would’ve inflicted on its audiences, the surprise hit did what so many other surprise hits do — it inspired an empire…

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