Conclusion: 2004-Present


Ken Jennings has already proved himself more than competent as a game show host. That said, I think there are a couple of other players from his era who are more than worthy to take the job.

She set a high mark.

Larissa Kelly: First female contestant to win more than five games. Initial appearance: 2008. Won six games and $222,597. Second place in 2009 Tournament of Champions: $100,000. Participant in the Battle of the Decades: 2000s. Member of Jeopardy All Star Tournament Winning Team: (Team Brad) shared in $1,000,000 grand prize.

Why She is Qualified: In addition to being a trailblazer…

Part 2: Some Former Champions Who Could Be Good Hosts

After some genuine thinking, I’ve decided to narrow my choices for the Jeopardy Champions who, I believe, are the most qualified to take over the job permanently. There are a fair number of contenders, so I’ve decided to narrow the choice to the two best from each calendar decade in the series run. Again, I’m not necessarily saying they’ll want the job (given the opportunity to host the show or compete on it, I think quite a few would prefer the latter; there’s less work and more money involved). But…

The Category Is…Bold!

One last glorious walk.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Ryan Murphy’s work. While he is definitely a genius, he has a tendency to go so far towards overkill that its often hard to focus on anything else. I’ve never been able to buy in to American Horror Story and the lion’s share of his work for Netflix, most notably Ratched, has always made me wonder why they got made at all. But when he tries to tell — pardon the expression — straight narratives, his work is exceptional. 9–1–1 may be disaster porn, but character-wise, he goes out of…

How The DAs on The Series Framed The Conversation on Justice

You’d Think He’d Learn His Lesson Before He Was In Charge

Note: Just to be clear, this piece is an assessment as to how the series Law & Order pursued criminal justice and how, as a ripple effect, this may have ended up affected the common perception of criminal prosecution in this country. I’m well aware the series is fictional.

During the first half of the series, the one steadying influence throughout the constant cast changes that were happening every season was Steven Hill’s fine work as DA Adam Schiff. …

Their Politics May Be Similar. Their Ways of Storytelling Are Not

Yes, he told a story that needed to be told. That doesn’t mean he told it

I’ll be honest; I never had much use for Adam McKay’s early films. This is not so much due to his writing as the fact that for the lion’s share of them, his muse was Will Ferrell, a comedian whose work I have never really enjoyed Ferrell’s entire overblown approach to comedy; I realize it appeals to many, but even when he was on Saturday Night Live, I always found it extreme. I found there were enjoyable moments in Anchorman and Talladega Nights, even a few in The Other…

Their Politics May Be Different. Their Means of Messaging Definitely Are

This guy is the right of Adam McKay? Seriously?

Last week, while perusing the New York Times Magazine, I saw an interview with TV and filmmaker Adam McKay. ‘Interview’ is actually a loose term; it was a diatribe. (At one point, he interrupted his interviewer.) I won’t go into details, except for one item that really struck me.

McKay was asked about his style of film making and the politics involved. When asked if there was a conservative equivalent of him in Hollywood, he said: “I think my closest equivalent on the right would be Aaron Sorkin.” …

Part 2: How Jack McCoy Emphasized the Worst in Criminal Prosecution

Liberal Actor. His character? More conservative than Scalia.

Among the many, many differences between Ben Stone and Jack McCoy was how both looked at the death penalty. When Stone was in the DA’s office, New York didn’t have it, but in ‘Vengeance’ in the middle of trying to convict a serial killer with a tricky lawyer, the Connecticut DA — where one of the victims came from — tried to persuade Stone to allow that state prosecute because they had the death penalty. While the argument for changing jurisdiction was pretty shaky, one of the major arguments…

They Just Don’t Know What Kind of Movies They Like

What kind of films do they want to get this?

Over the past few weeks, there have been a huge number of complaints about how depressing the Oscar contenders are. Bill Maher said that the nominees made him want to step in a bathtub with a toaster. Maureen Dowd has a similar column in the Times today, showing her problems with the film industry and other critiques.

I don’t normally defend the Oscars; I’ve had many problems with their choices just in the past twenty years. But seeing as a lot of these critiques have people in my profession (and…

How This Year’s Tournament of Champions Could Light the Way for Alex Trebek’s Replacement

Could The Man on the Left be Jeopardy’s new light?

There’s been a lot of negative press for so many of the celebrities who have been guest hosting Jeopardy ever since Alex Trebek’s final shows aired in January. I myself have been doing more than a little piling on myself in this column.

However, before we judge them too harshly, I think that is worth remembering that anybody, no matter how good or qualified they might be, would no doubt undergo harsh criticism for simply being guilty of not being Alex Trebek. There is a great…

How TV’s Most Successful Franchise Warped America’s Perspective on Criminal Justice

Turns Out there wasn’t much of either

Around this time last year, as the protests over George Floyd’s death were beginning to gain steam, there was a lot of discussion among critics as to how much damage the police procedural may have done to our nation’s mindset when it came to policing. I was among one of those critics who tried to take a neutral tone — I pointed out how series like The Closer and many of Dick Wolf’s series have skewed the way look at crime, but argued in favor of many of the…

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