About a month before he died Studs Terkel - an actual leftist complained about a poll that listed Reagan as the greatest president of all time. 'Not Lincoln. FDR came in tenth."

Now leaving aside that you automatically would reject Lincoln, because, you know, Republican, I think the left has that same kind of memory. No doubt you'd say FDR - who was considered by many of the 1% worse than a socialist and a traitor - didn't do enough with the New Deal. And of course, he did such horrible things as (gasp) make deals with conservative Democrats or appoint Republicans to his cabinet! And of course, he should have packed the court when he got the chance.

Honestly, I don't think you and your fellow leftists have any interest in governing. At least the right, horrible though they are, wants to at least keep one party in power. You have no use for the Republicans, but you have no use for the Democrats either. Biden isn't even in office yet, and you already think he needs to move to the left! Where is the mass of people you believe are out there supporting you? Shouting at the top of your lungs doesn't make you right. It just make you loud. And we already have enough noise

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