Final Thoughts on the Emmys

Writing and Directing for all Major Categories

Good night for Ted

As I promised, just before Emmy night I’m going to evaluate Best Directing and Writing for all three major categories. Unlike everything else, though, I’m going to lean more on my personal feelings rather than any professional beliefs. So I’ll put forth what I think should win and what I think will win. I will start with comedy.


B Positive and Mom have no real chance. I think it is likely to go to one of the Ted Lasso stories. My personal preference would be ‘The Hope That Kills You’ which brought so many great stories to a climax. But the odds are it will go to the more then hysterical ‘Biscuits’. I actually don’t care that much — any Ted Lasso win is a good one.


While I’ll admit a certain fondness for Pen15’s ‘Play’ episode which was a small masterpiece, this is Ted Lasso’s to lose. And it will probably go to the Pilot. No real problem there


In my heart of hearts I’d like this to go to the Series Finale of Pose which was heart-breaking and life-affirming in all the right ways. But like everything else, this is The Crown’s to lose. And ‘Fairytale’ had some pretty remarkable sequences — who will forget seeing Diana skating through Buckingham Palace.


A personal preference for the series finale for Pose and I wouldn’t mind seeing Lovecraft Country win either. But again, this is an easy one: the season finale for The Crown had so many brilliant moments its hard to imagine it not winning. The confrontations between Charles and his mother, and the climax of the struggles between the Queen and Margaret Thatcher are among the greatest moments in the series.

She WILL win at least one of these.


Very close one. Wandavision had a lot of brilliant directing moments, and I think it very likely Michaela Coel could triumph here. But I do think, given all of the camera work, this is going to The Queen’s Gambit.


Explain to me why Wandavision is nominated three times and I May Destroy You is only nominated once. (Better yet, explain to me why the ‘East/West’ episode of Fargo, one of the most astonishing episodes last year isn’t nominated at all.) I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference though: Michaela Coel seems a shoo in here.

See you Monday.



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