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David B Morris
4 min readDec 10, 2019


My (Mostly) Positive Reactions to the Golden Globe Nominations: Part 1

It’s always tricky to figure out how the Golden Globes will do when it comes to TV. Last year, I partially admonished them on their results, when in retroscpet they did a pretty solid job, both with nominations and awards.

This year, they’ve managed to do an even better job than they usual do. The only people who are going to be unsatisfied are networks which were completely shutout. I’m saddened, but not entirely surprised (though I’m a little appalled that The Good Place was entirely shutout in its final year). More and more of the best series on TV are coming to cable and streaming. (Though the Broadcast Critics, which I will cover later this week, did a better job acknowledging them). And I was actually okay with some of the ones they left out, though… well, you’ll see.

For now, let’s begin.


Can I just say first and foremost how glad I am the Golden Globes saw logic and did NOT nominate Game of Thrones for Best Drama. For shame, Emmys. If the Hollywood Foreign Press can see just how underwhelming the last season was, you screwed up. But let’s go on to what was nominated.

Big Little Lies more than deserved to be recognized, and I’m well in agreement that Succession deserves to be considering in the running. The Crown has more than earned its spot, and Killing Eve deserves to be here.

But why The Morning Show? Everyone agreed it would be nominated — until it premiered and became one of the biggest lemons so far this year. I really think This is Us or Pose would’ve been a far better choice, considering they’re firing on all cylinders.


I retract last years statement: Billy Porter more than deserved to be nominated last year, and deserves an encore. Rami Malek has been superb in the final season of Mr. Robot, and I’m glad the Globes remembered him. Brian Cox is one of the great actors of our time, and he more than earned to be nominated for Succession. Tobias Menzies deserved to be nominated, but isn’t Prince Philip a supporting role?

I’m a little annoyed that Kit Harington was nominated over other good candidates, like say, Sterling Brown or Paul Giamatti, but you can’t win them all.


Nicole Kidman totally deserves to be here for Big Little Lies. Ditto Olivia Colman for echoing so well the work of Claire Foy in The Crown. These two should be the front runners, but look out for Emmy winner Jodie Comer to be a contender for Killing Eve.

The Morning Show nominees have no business being here. Well, that’s not entirely true. Reese Witherspoon should’ve been nominated… for Big Little Lies. Now, I realize the world loves Jennifer Aniston, and her return to TV should’ve been an event, but no one who’s seen The Morning Show thinks she’s earned it. If she wins, the Globes will have severely lost points in my eyes.


Barry deserves to be here even more than it did last year. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel will probably reign in this category for quite some time. And really, Fleabag deserves to be the heavy favorite.. And Kominsky Method. Well, it’s not at Atlanta’s level, but it’s fun. A lot of fun.

But The Politician? I realize it may have a high profile. But compared to The Good Place or Russian Doll, it isn’t even in the same universe. Hell, I’d even take the final season of Veep over it. This is nearly as bad as The Morning Show being nominated.


Bill Hader more than deserves to be here, and so does Michael Douglas. After that, things get sketchy.

Ramy Youseff is very good in his self-titled show.Ben Platt may have been the bets thing about The Politician, but that’s not saying a great deal. Paul Rudd is a good choice, but I don’t think Living with Yourself uses his full ability. But where the hell is Ted Danson? Or Anthony Anderson? Or God help me, Don Cheadle?


Phoebe Waller-Bridge more than deserves to be here, as do Rachel Brosnahan, Kirstin Dunst, and Natasha Lyonne. I’m a little on the fence when it comes to Christina Applegate, despite her Emmy nod. I still think Kristen Bell would’ve been a better choice. Then again, it’s not like she won’t be there that night. I’d have like to see Rachel Bloom or Gina Rodriguez here for one last bow, but unlike the Emmys, the Golden Globes was more than willing to acknowledge how superb they were.

See you tomorrow when I tackle the rest.



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