My Continued Rankings of Jeopardy Guest Hosts

David B Morris
3 min readApr 10, 2021


The Answer is…Not Dr. Oz

Not A Game Show Host, But He Played One on TV… Not Well

More Opinions From the last Month

Dr. Oz: From the announcement of his appearance on this series, there has been an unusual amount of hostility towards this TV ‘doctor’ from former Jeopardy champions outraged that this charlatan who made a living selling false supplements as cures would dare to take on Alex’s role. I was willing to give him a certain amount of rope, and sad to say, he’s completely hung himself with it.

Having never really seen Dr. Oz in action, I’ve never been able to give a judgment as a TV Personality. What I’m absolutely certain of is that he’s absolutely horrible as a game show host. He is completely absent of charisma or charm (which is remarkable considering how he’s made his living) he shows no real rapport with the contestants or much of a sense of humor, and he’s truly terrible at reading the clues and giving the answers. I’ve actually been changing away from the show after the clues were revealed so I don’t have to hear his harsh, raspy tone mangle what should be an easy job. Katie Couric was doing at least a competent job when she was hosting by the end; Dr. Oz is the first person to host the show in this interregnum that I’m seriously considering skipping the next week and hoping whoever replaces him does a better job. (Though given the way he’s handling things, its hard to see anyone not being an improvement.)

My score: 1 star.

Aaron Rodgers: Admittedly, this may be the least likely of all the potential guest hosts of Jeopardy. I realize that, like quite a few of the guest hosts so far, he participated on Celebrity Jeopardy and actually won. However, he still seems like one of the more unlikely possibilities — though he did express gratitude for being offered the chance to do so.

Once you get past seeing him in a suit and once he got past his initial stiffness, Rodgers has been doing a decent job so far. Granted, anybody would be an improvement over Dr. Oz, but he had the benefit of being a talk show host, something that Rodgers can’t claim to be. He seems a little too committed to the role of being serious, though there has been more of an opening for humor than we’ve had a bit. (A losing contestant wrote down: “Who wanted to kick that field goal?” which understandably got a decent laugh when Aaron had to read it.) He has been helped by having some decent champions as well as some competitive games, and his awkwardness has lessened as the week has gone on. His voice is better suited to reading out the clues, but he still seems a little stilted. Though he’s doing credibly, I really think I have to say this: “Aaron, don’t quit your day job.”

My score: 2.5 stars.

I’ll be back with more evaluations as the seasons continues, along with any ideas as to who I think most deserves to fill Alex’s shoes.



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