My Critic’s Choices, Part 2

Trying to Consider The Comedies

Now, on to the comedies. This’ll be far tougher to handicap, because none of the winners or nominees from last season have even been nominated this time out. Having fun, yet?


One would assume, given that Marvelous Mrs. Maisel triumphed earlier this week at the Globes, it would be the favorite. But given that Amazon has had more luck in the acting categories than the others, I’m going to give the edge to the series with the most nominations, and likely the most response: GLOW. I’d still prefer if Maisel or black-ish won, but you never know…

Should Win: black-ish.

Will Win: GLOW.


With Donald Glover ineligible and William H. Macy not here, my personal preference would be for Ted Danson, whose work on The Good Place by far showed the most range. But I think it’s more likely to go to Aziz Ansari for his superb work on Master of None. Granted, much of his better work was behind the camera, but since the series isn’t nominated, I think this is the best way to pay tribute.

Should Win: Danson.

Will Win: Ansari.


Let’s be honest. Kirsten Bell has been forking due an award ever since Veronica Mars, and her character has by far shown the most growth on The Good Place. She might pull out a win, anyway, but I think it’s just as likely to go to my second choice, Rachel Brosnahan for her fine work on Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. She’s already won the Golden Globe, and she’s been due a trophy of her own since the first season on House of Cards.

Should Win: Bell/Brosnahan.

Will Win: Brosnahan.


Louie Anderson is absent from the chase, so this one is even more wide open. With no clear front-runner, my guess is this one will go to one of the more nominated series. Marc Maron has been one of my favorite comedians for nearly twenty years, and his find work as the promoter who becomes the most loathsome character on the show makes it likely that he will prevail. There is a possibility Kumail Nanjani will win here, but I say the best chance is still Maron’s.

Should Win: Maron.

Will Win: Maron.


We keep getting new ones. I would prefer to see Alex Borstein prevail for her work on Mrs. Maisel, but I have a feeling its going to go to one of the better actresses in this category, Mayim Bialik for her superb work on The Big Bang Theory. Could the Emmys just give her one award please?

Should Win: Borstein.

Will Win: Bialik.

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