My Mostly Joyous Reactions to The Critics Choice Nominations for TV Conclusion

David B Morris
4 min readDec 8, 2023


The Critics Choice are the only group to like Love & Death (the limited series)

As we conclude with Best Limited Series and TV Movie, here again we see that the Critics Choice are superior not merely to the Emmys, which is to be expected, but in some ways to the HCA. That doesn’t mean that they are perfect, but they strike a better balance between this past session and the one to come and in both cases, have a better balance.


Yet another reason this group is as good as it gets: they are the only major group to recognize Love and Death as Best Limited Series this year, something not even the HCA did.

For the year just past, they gave more than significant recognition to Beef which is the likely winner and Daisy Jones & The Six. They also were willing to nominate the superb National Geographic Series A Small Light something the HCA wasn’t willing to go in on. For the year to come they acknowledged likely contenders Lessons in Chemistry, Fellow Travelers and the most recent season of Fargo. A Murder at the End of the World was nominated but received no other nods.

I suppose I could be disturbed that neither White House Plumbers nor Accused received recognition but the HCA covered that so I’m fine.

In TV Movie we also have some recognition of two of the best films of the year: The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial and Reality. We also will see the presence of Mr. Monk’s Last Case and No One Will Save You. All will be present in the categories below.


I am more than fine with the presence of Matt Bomer for Fellow Travelers and Steven Yeun for Beef. Kiefer Sutherland more than deserved recognition for Caine Mutiny and I’m fine with Tony Shalhoub getting recognition for his iconic role as Monk. Given the success of Lawmen, David Oyelowo is a good choice.

I’m not entirely onboard with Tom Holland for The Crowded Room; I would have been happier with Woody Harrelson for White House Plumbers. But I come to accept these things.


This is a better group. Sydney Sweeney deserved recognition from the Emmys and Ali Wong will probably win. Bel Powley is a good mention from the year past. Brie Larson and Juno Temple both gave superb performances in Lessons in Chemistry (which I’ll be reviewing soon) and the most recent of Fargo. Kaitlyn Dever might strike as somewhat odd over Riley Keough for Daisy Jones but I’ve always been one of Dever bigger fans.


Again mostly a good group. Jesse Plemons is a good choice and Justin Theroux more than deserved his spot here. Live Schreiber was an outside favorite for his work in A Small Light; I’m glad he’s here. Jonathan Bailey is going to be a serious contender for Fellow Travelers next year and Lewis Pullman’s work in Lessons in Chemistry will put him up front.

I do, however, question the presence of Taylor Kitsch over any of the superb performers in Fargo, including Jon Hamm. Then again, maybe the critics couldn’t decide it he was a lead or supporting. And it is odd that there are no nominees from Beef here.


Camilla Morrone carries over from the Emmys and Maria Bello more than earned it for Beef. I’m inclined to think Aja Naomi King deserves it for Lessons in Chemistry and I have no problem with Billie Boulet for A Small Light.

The two nominees for Fall of the House of Usher are slightly odd; personally I would have been more inclined to nominated either Lena Headey or Judy Greer (if not both) for their work in White House Plumbers. But the Critics Choice have always had a place in their heart for the work of Mike Flanagan and I can’t truly fault them. I’d rather have seen Jennifer Jason Leigh here too, but she’ll get a chance later this year

My only real disappointment — if you could call it that — is that there is nothing for Cruel Summer anywhere. Still, the Critics Choice was only mild towards it two years ago so I’m not mortally crushed

Now let’s finish up with the remaining groups.

I don’t know enough about Best Foreign Language to comment on any of them as I have in years past, so I’ll leave that be. The Best Animated Series is a very good mix, with Bob’s Burgers and Bluey along side Harley Quinn and Scott Pilgrim Takes Off. I have no problem with any of the six nominees for Best Talk Show and all six of the nominees for Best Comedy special are among my favorite: personally I hope John Mulaney wins.

In early January I will begin to try and predict the winners. As we all know the Critics Choice dances to its own drum and will just as often allow for ties. But like other groups, it is an honor simply to be nominated.

Monday I start covering the Golden Globes for TV. Stay tuned!



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