My Picks For This Year’s Emmys: Comedy Series

Part 10: Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy

Anna Chlumsky won’t be here. Neither will Kathryn Hahn, and possibly guilt by association will sting the fine ladies of Transparent, though I hope not. There will probably be at least a few nominees from SNL, which I don’t object do, and there might be nominees from Roseanne and Will & Grace, which I do. So who would I like to see nominated? So glad you asked.

Zazie Beetz, Atlanta

This talented actress’ profile exploded because of Deadpool 2, but even if it hadn’t, it would be hard to argue that her superb work in Season 2 is worthy of a nomination. Van got a lot more exposure this season, first deciding to break up with her baby daddy, and then dealing with the problems with social media change, which led to a hysterical episode with a great punch-line about Drake. She flew under the radar, like so many of the cast member. I doubt the same thing will happen this year.

Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory

It keeps getting more ridiculous how hard I have to push for this incredible comedienne and her marvelous talent at work with Amy. As she and Sheldon finally got married, and she realized just how critical she was to him, it makes me realize how the Emmys can some times rob a show just because it’s too popular. She’s gotten four prior nominations, and she’s been recognized by the Broadcast Critics two out of the last three years. How can you not be in love with Amy?

Alex Borstein, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

It’s a close call between her and the equally astonishing Marin Hinkle as Midge’s mother for some kind of nomination. But if I had to pick one of these two remarkable actresses, I have to go with Borstein’s work. As the lesbian cafe owner who recognizes the gift that Midge has, and than tries to make a dent in a showbiz world that had a stone ceiling when it came to female performers or managers, there’s a level to her performance that is even more relevant title character. Add to this the fact that she’s got the gift for Palladino’s dialogue and that she’s been deserving of some recognition since the early days of MAD TV, and I think that’s enough to win me over. (Though you could recognize both)

Betty Gilpin, GLOW

I’ve admired her work since I saw her play an upstart doctor on Nurse Jackie. But like so many of the talents assembled for GLOW, Debbie Egan is her finest hour. Watching her first realize the betrayal of her best friend and her husband, her reluctant involvement in a project she initially thinks is beneath her, and her gradual embrace of a character in some of the funniest ways possible, she remains another one of the characters you admire more than like. That’s kind of a talent of Gilpin, one that she has been ignored by the Emmys for too long. I don’t think there’s any risk of that happening this year.

Yael Grobglas, Jane The Virgin

So much has been written by Gina Rodriguez’s incredible work on this CW satire that some of the better actresses on this show often get overlooked. Considering how good Grobglas is, there’s a certain level of unfairness. For one thing, by playing Petra and Aneska, twins that couldn’t be less alike, as well as playing them playing each other, she’s demonstrated a gift for performing that I’ve only seen Tatiana Maslany master in recent years. But when you consider her work as she tried to deal with multiple relationship, and finally found true love — with another woman — clearly surprised even her. I know its very unlikely she’ll be nominated, but she’s impossible to ignore. As with Bloom, if her series were on Netflix, she’d have an Emmy already.

Kate McKinnon, Saturday Night Live

Considering that her major character has been regulated the dustbin of history, you think this performer would be less relevant. But I can’t ignored how incredibly funny it is watching her play all the embattled figures — most male — in the current administration. Hell, her work as Jeff Session is remarkable enough for her to be included That said, one nominee from SNL is enough. And try to let someone else win this year.


D’Arcy Carden, The Good Place

Frankly, were it not for generally high level of quality in this category, I’d have ranked her higher. But Carden’s work as Janet, the spiritual AI who runs ‘The Good Place’ has always been one of the more subtle pleasures of this delightful series. Like so many of the other actors in Season 2, she stepped her game up a notch, showing evidence of malfunction, her wonderful reboots, the ‘evil Janet’, and the possibility she might be falling in love. All done in a cheerful deadpan. How can she not be considered for this?

Nest week, I wrap it up with Limited Series.


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