David B Morris

Dec 12, 2019

4 min read

My Reactions To The Critics Choice Nominations

Part 1: TV Drama

Ah, the Broadcast Critics Awards, television’s best kept secret. No one seems to pay sufficient to an awards show that’s only really been around for a decade, but in its brief history, the Critics Choice awards have been among the most marvelous and eclectic awards show when it comes to television. Ten years after its debut, the Emmys are still trying to catch up with a show that has recognized Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Masters of Sex, Orphan Black, and most exceptionally The Americans. This is perhaps my favorite television awards show of the year.

The nominations will probably be satisfying to more people than the Golden Globes for recognizing not only the obscure cable and streaming series, but the Broadcast networks in most awards shows just won’t any more. And they’re better off for what they include far more than what they omit, as you’ll see going in.

Here are my reactions, starting with the Dramas


Emmy judges, maybe consider going to eight nominees next year. Then again.

The Crown, Pose, and This is Us more than deserve to be here. I’m pleased to note that somebody this year recognized Watchmen one of the most dazzling pieces of work all year. Succession is more than worthy of its recognition, and The Good Fight’s triumphs here just go to show how lazy Emmy voters can be not even looking that hard.

Game of Thrones is a questionable choice, but given the Emmys love for it, it’s hard to see it being ignored. David Makes Man. I’m pretty sure even Oprah would’ve pushed for Queen Sugar. Really? Couldn’t Stranger Things or Billions or Big Little Lies have filled out the list? Hmm. Maybe seven is enough.

Get Some Awards


Billy Porter, Tobias Menzies and Sterling K. Brown more than deserve to be here. I’m overjoyed to see Paul Giamatti get recognized for Billions and even happier to see Mike Colter get acknowledged for playing one of the leads in Evil. Freddie Highmore is questionable, but the Critics Choice have always had a soft spot for him. Jeremy Strong is by far as good as Brian Cox in Succession and proved he earned his nod in the season finale.

Kit Harington? Well, the Globes nominated him too, so it’s not a shock. Still, it would’ve been nice to see Kevin Bacon here.


No one from The Morning Show. Off to a good start already.

Nicole Kidman and Olivia Colman will be fighting it out. Jodie Comer deserves to be here no question. Christine Baranski just keep showing why she’s one of the great actresses in history. Regina King, ditto, and her work in Watchmen proves that she really is a superhero. MJ Rodriguez seemed to be getting overlooked for her superb work on Pose I’m glad she was acknowledged. Sarah Snook proves she as ruthless as all the other Roys in Succession.

Zendaya for Euphoria? I know she had a following, but wasn’t there room for Resse Witherspoon? Oh well. At least, no one from Game of Thrones is here.


Justin Hartley and Asante Blackk have both him superb in This is Us this year, and I’m glad to see them nominated. Delroy Lindo is exceptional on This is Us. Clearly the Critics Choice identify Asia Kate Dillon as an actor; I just recognize him as genius. And considering all the showier performances, I’m pleased to see Tim Blake Nelson recognized for his subdued work as Looking Glass in Watchmen.

Peter Dinklage has been appearing in this category for so long, it would’ve been more of a shock if he HADN’T been nominated. And I’m a little irked that Billy Crudup was up for The Morning Show — I’d much rather have seen David Harbour or Michael Emerson for Evil. Still, this is a solid category.


Meryl Streep is here. Naturally. Laura Dern will not not be ignored by the Critics. Helena Bonham Carter is exceptional. Audra McDonald has more than earned a seat at the table. And talk about righting a wrong — Susan Kelechi Watson, inexplicably ignored by the Emmys this year deservedly recognized for This is Us. Equally pleasing: Jean Smart acknowledged for her superb work as the aged Laurie Blake on Watchmen. Gwendoline Christie. Well, I knew there was going to be a Thrones nominee. Would I have rather seen Millie Bobby Brown? Of course. But still. Pretty goo