My Reactions To This Year’s Emmys, Part 2

Comedy Series


I’m not sure what I’m more impressed by. The fact that they nominated eight comedies in this category, or that Modern Family or Will & Grace weren’t among them. For the first time in nearly a decade, there’s going to have to be a different winner in this category, one that might actually presage the future.

To the specifics. Atlanta is one of the best series on television. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s fourteen nominations almost make up for all those years they ignored Gilmore Girls. GLOW actually should’ve gotten more nominations than it did (I’ll get to that in a bit) and black-ish remains superb four seasons in.

I have, not surprisingly, more problems with the HBO nominees. Barry is actually a fine series, so I’ll let it pass. But I’m not entirely certain that Silicon Valley was anywhere near as good as it has been in previous seasons, and frankly, given the middling response for Curb Your Enthusiasm, I really think a show like The Good Place would’ve done better. I’d complain about Kimmy Schmidt, but since it only got one other nomination, I’ll let it go.


Yes! They recognized Ted Danson for The Good Place! Of course, they only gave it two other nominations, but that’s still better than last season. Donald Glover, incredible, deserved all the nominations he got this year. Anthony Anderson, still exquisite. William H. Macy, I actually think he earned it this year. And Bill Hader was actually very good in Barry.

I really do think they’re pushing their luck by nominating Larry David again. Residual SNL feelings? Still, they got five out of six. Not bad.


Will the Emmys know how to give a Best Actress in a Comedy with no Julia-Louis Dreyfus in it? We’ll find out this September. On an even better note, hip hip Issa Rae! She finally got in. Not feeling insecure any more?

Rachael Brosnahan, most likely the odds on favorite to win this year, and that’s Marvelous. Tracee Ellis Ross, still reigns, well, supreme. I’m actually glad, despite the potential controversy, that Pamela Adlon was recognized for her excellent work in Better Things.

I guess my real problem isn’t with who’s in, but who got left out. Nobody who sees Allison Janney or Lily Tomlin can deny they’re brilliant comic talents, but couldn’t they have found room for Alison Brie for her fine work on GLOW. It seems odd that after getting nominated for every other award, she couldn’t even get nominated. Oh well, there’s always next year/


As always, this is where things start to get a bit mixed. I have no problem with Alec Baldwin being nominated. Brian Tyree Henry and Tony Shalhoub definitely earned their spots. Tituss Burgess is sort of Kimmy Schmidt’s breakout character, so I’ll let that go. And I’ll be honest, even its more sentiment than quality (though really, he’s been so good in everything the last twenty years) I’m glad Henry Winkler was nominated for Barry.

I can understand why Louie Anderson was nominated: he has been the last two years, and he’s probably Baskets greatest assets. But why Kenan Thompson? I’ll admit I’m torn her — he’s been SNL go-to guy for nearly fifteen years, so one could make an arguments that he’s overdue. But how could they omit Marc Maron, who’s one of GLOW’s greatest assets? He’ll probably get multiple opportunities, but still, I’m disappointed.


All right, I’m glad they nominated eight actresses, but I’m little confused why these eight actresses.

Zazie Beetz was superb on Atlanta, no question. Betty Gilpin, exceptional on GLOW (and frankly, of all the leads, I thought she was the most likely to be overlooked). Alex Borstein, pleasant surprise for Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I honestly thought Marin Hinkle might have a better chance. And I have no problem with Kate McKinnon coming into the category for SNL, even without Hilary in her repertoire, she’s superb.

Now Leslie Jones can be very funny, but I do think she verges on overkill. And is there now some requirement that three comediennes from SNL be in this category every year? I like Aidy Bryant fine, but still. And while Megan Mullally and Laurie Metcalf are wonderful actresses, I kind of feel nominating them is a step backwards. (And I would think, given all the problems Roseanne caused, they’d want to avoid having her in the category.)

I guess I’m just disappointed that, with all these nominees, they couldn’t find room for Mayim Bialik. Oh well.

I’ll get to the Limited Series and Movie tomorrow. Believe me, I’ve got something to say.

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