My Thoughts On The Critics Choice Nominations

Part 3: Limited Series et al

I don’t normally comment on the Best TV Movie category, but I will just say I’m glad to see the Critics Choice went where the Golden Globes wouldn’t, and nominated Deadwood: The Movie and El Camino. I’m also grateful that they acknowledged Native Son.

Now, on to the Limited Series.


Have no problem with Fosse/Verdon, Chernobyl, or When They See Us. The latter is the biggest sin the Globes committed, and the Critics had sufficient room for Unbelievable as well, which clearly deserves it. Years and Years is looking like it might get acknowledged, so I’m willing to grant some latitude.

I’ve made my arguments against Catch-22, and having seen both I have to say I really think The Loudest Voice was inferior to True Detective. Maybe that’s just my opinion.


No problem with Rockwell, Jared Harris, and at least they acknowledged Jharrel Jermon, and had room for Mahersela Ali here. I can understand the argument for Russell Crowe, even if I disagree with it.

Christopher Abbott just seems to be being dragged along with the Catch-22 bandwagon. And I can appreciate Noah Wyle being nominated for Red Line, but couldn’t they have found room for Ian McShane or Aaron Paul? The latter is particularly surprising, considering how much the Broadcast Critics loved Breaking Bad and all its spinoffs.


Michelle Williams more than deserves to be here. So does Joey King. Kaitlyn Dever and Merritt Weyer have earned their spots for Unbelievable. After that, it gets tricky.

Anne Hathaway is probably the most likely nominee for Modern Love, though it is tricky to know if the series will be included. It’s a little early. As for the title singers for Patsy and Loretta, well, Lifetime movies rarely ever qualify for awards. Or maybe I’m just bitter that none of the women from Deadwood were nominated.


Stellan Skasgard keeps rolling along for Chernobyl. John Leguizamo and Asante Blackk more than earned their spots for When They See Us. I’m glad to see Jesse Plemmons nominated for his work in El Camino, though admittedly its strange given all the other Breaking Bad characters who showed up in that film. Dev Patel is a bit questionable for Modern Love, but I’m glad to see him nominated at all..

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I’m still not sold on whether Russell Tovey should’ve been Years and Years representative, and I’m a little perturbed to see the Broadcast Critics, of all groups, being swayed by the power of George Clooney. Still, collectively it’s not bad..


Patricia Arquette more than deserves to be here for The Act. Marcia Stephanie Blake and Niecy Nash have earned their spots as well, as has Emily Watson for Chernobyl. I’m glad to see the critics remembered Margaret Qualley for Fosse/Verdon and I think Emma Thompson had a glorious time in Years and Years. I’m not yet sure of Toni Colette’s presence, but overall I’m satisfied with this category. Would I have liked to see Carmen Ejojo here? Yes, but we can’t have everything.

One last addendum. I don’t normally comment on late night comedy, but I’m very pleased to see Seth Meyers and Desus & Mero recognized along with John Oliver and Samantha Bee. The Critics are recognizes real late night talent.

See you in January with my predictions.

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