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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Review

Of all the fascinating programs this very underwatched network puts on the air, by far the best — as well as one of the most original programs ever devised for any network — is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Centered around the adventures of Rebecca Bunch (the incomparable Rachel Bloom), a very neurotic attorney who has changed her entire life because of her obsession with her incredibly dim teenage crush Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III), with each season Rebecca comes a lot closer to living up to the ‘crazy’ part of the title.

Granted, what happened at the end of Season 2 would probably unhinge a far saner woman than Rebecca. Having finally gotten engaged to Josh halfway through the season, he then proceeded to leave her at the altar, not for another woman, but for the priesthood. She basically came close to throwing herself off a cliff, but has now decided to devote her entire focus to having revenge on Josh.

Unfortunately, the same problems that made her so incompetent when it came to wooing Josh in the first place make her equally unfit to try revenge. So far, she tried to film a sex tape with an actor playing Josh (also Rodriguez) but then, she attempt to actually have sex with him, and blew that up. Her best friend Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) tried to convince her to sue Josh for breach of promise, but that didn’t satisfy her. She then tried to engage in a very elaborate (and ludicrously sketched Fifty Shades of Grey parody) revenge plot with her boss Nathaniel, but his plan for revenge was too brutal (get his father deported, have his grandfather taken off life support, etc.) So she finally confronted Josh at his parish about what he at done to her (in her wedding dress). And told him every crazy thing she’d done. This made Josh, who’d only joined the priesthood because he didn’t know how to deal with Rebecca, realize that this wasn’t his fault, and now he can leave. But Rebecca felt better. Until she realized what she’d told him.

This is much funnier then it sounds. What makes it the most remarkable series on broadcast TV is the fact that all of this is a musical, with every song written or co-written by Bloom. In the most recent episode alone, Josh did a Gene Kelly type song and dance number called ‘Head in the Clouds’, in which he celebrated taking the veil, Rebecca did a Chicago style song in which she seduced Nathaniel into her revenge, ended in a striptease, she had a particularly remarkable ballad in which she sang out/confessed her crazy sins to Josh, and there was a Les Miserables style number in which an extra basically sang a number in which he realized his wife was using a vibrator. This last one had no relation to anything to do with the plot, but the fact that it was there, along with the buildup and the climax (so to speak) is just one of the many things that makes Crazy Ex-Girlfriend so incredible.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of the most outstanding series on television, period. But nobody knows it exists, or at least watches it on the night it airs. The Emmys have chosen to ignore it (though every other award show has given it some recognition), and its on Friday nights, a dead zone for any TV series. The fact that the series has made into Season 3 is astounding, considering how low its ratings are, even for a CW series. But Rachel Bloom is a force of nature, who can make anything entertaining. (If this series doesn’t convince you, watch her work the Tonys or the Emmys). And I don’t know of any other actress who would be willing to so much to humiliate herself for a laugh since the glory days of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Will this series manage to make it to a fourth season? I think that’s an even harder question to answer than if Rebecca will ever find peace. But as long as this series is on the air, I will celebrate it, and hope like hell the world manages to find the time to watch it as well.

My score: 4.75 stars

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