Suggestions for The Kennedy Center, Part 2

My Ideas for TV related honorees from 2021–2030

To continue:

2021: Donald Bellisario, for giving the most complete look at the inside of the world of military justice in series such as JAG and the NCIS franchise, and for adding heart into the brainy world of time travel with Quantum Leap.

Scott Bakula, for creating the everyman in almost every level of his work, whether a time traveler trying to put right what once went wrong, an aging actor still trying to find his big break after twenty years of trying (Men of A Certain Age), or the head of a task force trying to solve crime in the Big Easy.

Juliana Marguiles, for playing with intricate care of the most complicated and professional women in the last twenty years: Carol Hathaway (ER) and Alicia Florrick (The Good Wife)

2022: David Simon, for redefining what a police drama could do in Homicide, and paining the most indelible picture of 21st Century America in The Wire.

Bryan Cranston, for creating one of the most indelible and unforgettable antiheroes in TV history in Breaking Bad, a fitting climax to a career of brilliant comic and dramatic performances.

Edie Falco, for creating two of the most unforgettable antiheroines of all time: Carmela Soprano (The Sopranos) and Jackie Peyton (Nurse Jackie) women with nothing in common but their determination to prevail.

2023: Joss Whedon: for creating worlds of fantasy with ambitious, relentless heroes and heroines, for wearing the label ‘geek’ and making it a badge of honor.

Larry David, for creating great comedy out of small situations, for creating great laughs out of the smallest of people.

Allison Janney, for creating some of the most memorable and unforgettable tall women in the history of the medium, whatever the era, whatever the situation a woman in equal comfort in drama (The West Wing; Masters of Sex) and comedy (Mom)

2024: David Milch, for creating some of the most distinctive and unforgettable and quotable heroes, for reinventing the police drama (Hill Street Blues) and the western (Deadwood).

Peter Krause, for reinventing the everyman in a series of brilliant and well-sketched character based dramas that rank among some of the most unique series of all time (Sports Night, Six Feet Under, Parenthood)

Timothy Olyphant, for creating in Deadwood and Justified, two of the most memorable and reckless lawmen in the history of television, whether they fit their era (Deadwood) or not (Justified)

2025: J.J. Abrams, for redefining what it is to be fantastic in the world of television, creating indelible characters in worlds gone mad (Alias, Lost, Fringe) and making us believe love can conquer all.

Michael C. Hall for turning repression and suppression in two of the most complicated characters of the 21st century (David Fisher, Six Feet Under) and Dexter Morgan (Dexter) and making us see humanity where not even they think it exists.

Lauren Graham, for creating two of the most fully realized, warmest, and funniest characters in the history of the medium, Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls and Sarah Braverman in Parenthood.

2026: Howard Gordon, for establishing dramatic heroes for the turbulent times of the new millennium, and creating new series to establish realpolitik in the War on Terrpr.

Claire Danes, for creating the new reality for the teenage girl in My So-Called Life, and the professional hunter of evil in Homeland

Rob Lowe, for reinventing new and life-affirming versions of the political animal, whether in drama (The West Wing, Brothers and Sisters) or comedy (Parks & Recreation)

2028: Ryan Murphy, for creating revolutionary new pictures of life for the truly different in the world and reinventing the musical (Glee) and the horror story (American Horror Story) for the next generation, as well as reinventing the anthology for years to come.

Katey Segal, for creating some of the most out-of-the world female characters in the history of the medium, whether they be in satire (Married: With Children) animation (Futurama) or tragedy (Sons of Anarchy)

Michael Chiklis for creating some of the most memorably authority figures in the history of the medium, whether they obey the law (The Commish) or completely reinvent it (The Shield)

2029: Greg Berlanti, for reinventing the world of the comic book hero (Arrow, Flash) the teen drama, (Everwood), or the family drama (Brothers & Sisters)

Calista Flockhart, for the reimagining of the portrait of the professional and sexual woman in the twenty-first century no matter which side of the political divide she’s on

Steve Carell, for reinventing awkward and satire in the workplace comedy The Office or for pure TV journalism (The Daily Show)

2030: Vince Gilligan, for creating some of the most human monsters in the history of the medium, whether they be supernatural (The X-Files) or far closer to home (Breaking Bad)

Connie Britton, for creating some of the most indelible creations of the career woman, whether in politics (Spin City) education (Friday Night Lights) or music (Nashville)

Amy Poehler, for her portrait of the new female comedienne in political scenarios whether they be pure satire (Saturday Night Live) or workplace farce (Parks & Recreation)

2031: Ann Bidermann, for creating some of the most memorable characters in the darker side of Los Angeles, whether they be on the side of the law (Southland) or against it (Ray Donovan)

Marg Helgenberger, for creating some of the most memorable portraits of professional women trying to live, whether in the alleys of Vietnam (China Beach) or the mean streets of Vegas (CSI)

Kyle Chandler, for creating some of the most memorable leading man and modest heroes on the small screen, particularly as the lead in Friday Night Lights.

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