The Critics Made Some Great Choices

Part 3: Limited Series/TV Movie

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Choosing Her was a good move


No problem with Mrs. America or The Undoing. I’m fine with I May Destroy You and The Queen’s Gambit, both of which were very strong. I’m overjoyed that the critics recognized one of the major flaws of last year’s Emmys and gave a good amount of nominations to The Plot Against America. And I can see the logic with recognizing Normal People and Unorthodox both of which were highly considered by the Emmys even though they were ignored.

It’s just really hard to see why Small Axe, which is being considered in the Best Movie categories by some critics group is in the TV category. And what makes it even harder to stomach is who they left out. I’m appalled that the critics, who loved Fargo in its three previous incarnations, ignored it this time, and I’m horrified that Little Fires Everywhere was completely shutout. Both are the kinds of series that the critics usually recognize; this time they were basically ignored. This may be the most glaring omissions so far, and they’re going to be more.


Mark Ruffalo deserved to be here for I Know This Much Is True (though I’m still hurt that the rest of the cast was ignored) Chris Rock more than earned his spot here, as I made clear. Hugh Grant really earned it for The Undoing. And I’m glad to see Morgan Spector included for his work in The Plot Against America. Paul Mescal received a lot of buzz for his role in Normal People, so I’m not surprised.

But against, I question John Boyega in this category at all. I would much rather have seen Hugh Jackman nominated for his incredible work in Bad Education. This is a very questionable choice. Hell, Ethan Hawke was ignored for his great work in The Good Lord Bird whose omission as Best Limited Series is kind of shocking too.


Cate Blanchett, no argument. I’m very glad to see Michaela Coel recognized for everything she did in I May Destroy You. Anya Taylor-Joy has taken chess to a new level in The Queens Gambit. Shira Haas was recognized by the Emmys for Unorthodox so that’s logical, and a lot of people were angry when Daisy Edgar-Jones was ignored for Normal People.

I don’t care how great Tessa Thompson was in Sylvie’s Love. How could they ignore Nicole Kidman for The Undoing? Even if by some miracle they could explain nominating her male costars and not here, there is no justification of Thompson being nominated instead of either Reese Witherspoon or Kerry Washington for Little Fires Everywhere. This is a travesty.


This is a bit better. John Turturro was on almost everybody’s short list for a nomination as the corrupt adviser to Lindbergh in Plot Against America, and it was ridiculous that he was shutout. Glad to see him included. Daveed Diggs and Joshua Caleb Johnson were both incredible in their work in The Good Lord Bird, so I’m glad to see them acknowledged at least. (You could make an argument that Johnson should be considered for Best Actor, but he’s here so we’ll let it pass.) Donald Sutherland was a tower of strength in The Undoing and was a sure thing. And while I would’ve been happier to see Ben Whishaw or Jason Schwartzman nominated, Glynn Turman’s work in Fargo was so good (and he’s been such a good actor for so long) that I’m glad to see him nominated.)

Dylan McDermott’s nomination for Hollywood is hard to fathom. If they were going to nominate someone from that series, I thought it would be Jim Parsons. And it would’ve been nice for another nominee for Fargo instead. But this is more what I expected.


The three women from Mrs. America were pretty among the best performances last year and I have no problem with any of them being nominated for anything. Winona Ryder should’ve been nominated for Stranger Things at least, so I’m glad to see her get one for The Plot Against America (though Zoe Kazan would’ve been a little better choice. Marielle Heller was a good choice for The Queens Gambit.

I’m torn about Betsy Brandt’s nomination. She was the only actor on Breaking Bad who never seemed to get any recognition for what she did. So I’m glad she’s nominated for something. That said, why did they have to nominate her instead of Jessie Buckley for Fargo or Allison Janney for Bad Education? What am I saying… these are the Broadcast Critics.

On a side note, in the talk show category, it’s good to see Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert nominated. It’s great to see Samantha Bee and Desus and Mero nominated. Nothing for John Oliver? I guess the critics are getting tired of him.

I’ll be at some point later to deal as I try to handicap (ha-ha) this awards. See you in a couple of weeks when the Golden Globes make their choices.

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