Thoughts On This Year’s Critics Choice, Part 2

Thoughts on this year’s comedies

Now, on to the comedies.

Best Comedy

Big Bang Theory still has resonance, and I guess Modern Family does, too. black-ish is still remarkable. I now realize that I have to see GLOW, and as if I didn’t have enough of a reason to see Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, this is a big boost.

What the hell is Patriot, and why did it stand in the way of so many other great comedies. Like Master of None or The Good Place, or Silicon Valley, or..

Best Actor, Comedy

Aziz Ansari continues to be Master of television. Anthony Anderson is remarkable in black-ish. I’m delighted to see double-dealing Ted Danson get nominated for The Good Place. Thomas Middleditch did some great work on Silicon Valley, and I’m always impressed by Randall Park on Fresh off the boat.

Hank Azaria? Seriously? I know the field for Best Actor is slim, but wouldn’t have been right to honor Matt LeBlanc?

Best Actress, Comedy

They had the courage to have a category without Julia-Louis Dreyfus. Bravo.

Kristen Bell, thank the lord. Constance Wu continues to delight on Fresh off the Boat. Elle Kemper has earned her spot. I always want to see Sutton Foster nominated, and I’m glad to see some actress get nominated for Amy Sherman-Palladino series, even if its Rachel Brosnahan and not Lauren Graham. (Though I’ve admired Brosnahan’s work since House of Cards, so its a win.

The need to see to GLOW is growing. Still, where’s Tracee Ellis Ross?

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy

Ed O’Neill has earned his spot. Ditto Tituss Burgess. I’m a little surprised that Kumail Nanjani was nominated over T.J. Miller, but he does fine work. Walton Goggins is good on Vice Principals, and, like Margo Martindale, he’s a favorite of the Critics Choice. Marc Maron has more than earned it, given critical response.

Sean Hayes worries me. It’s a little retro for the Broadcast Critics (and frankly, makes me fear the Golden Globe nominations less than a week away?

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy

Mayim Bialik just doesn’t get the love she should from the Emmy. Maybe another Best Supporting Actress prize is in the offing. Jenifer Lewis does fine work as the grandmother on black-ish. Betty Gilpin has always been good on any project she works, going back to Nurse Jackie. Ditto Alex Borstein. (Where were you, Broadcast Critics, when Gilmore Girls was on the air. Rita Moreno, legendary, even in to her ninth decade.

I’m not certain who Alessandra Mastronardi was on Master of None, so I’ll withhold commentary.

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After years of laboring for love in my blog on TV, I have decided to expand my horizons by blogging about my great love to a new and hopefully wider field.

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