Trouble Aside, The Show Must Go On

My Predictions For This Year’s Golden Globes For TV: Part 1

Will One of These Women Take Home A Globe?

It just seems that things keep going wrong for the Golden Globes. There was controversy over the nominations, there’s the fact that the awards will be given in a socially distance manner, and now there’s the recent controversy over fees for the show and the membership of the Hollywood Foreign Press itself. Can even the always sparkling Tina Fey and Amy Poehler make this year’s show glow? (Granted after Ricky Gervais last year, it can only go up from there.)

Controversies are not the subject of my column. I will once again try to predict this year’s winners for TV, though my track record in this regard is spotty at best. I didn’t see Succession coming last year and I completely misread the judgment on Russell Crowe and Ramy Youseff. Still, with an almost entirely new group of nominees, there’s the possibility of a lot of good choices. So here I go.


The Mandalorian just isn’t the kind of series the Golden Globes honors. They might honor Lovecraft County… but the nomination for Best Drama is the only one it got. So I think it’s going to come down to a faceoff between The Crown and Ozark.

It’s rare that any show that wins Best Drama or Comedy repeats — the last time that happened was with Boardwalk Empire. And its rarer that it happens after two or three years. Nevertheless, given the fact that it was nominated for a whopping six awards, I think this is The Crown’s to lose.

Should Win: Lovecraft County.

Will Win: The Crown


This is a far trickier category to handicap as there’s a good argument to be made for every single nominee. O’Connor and Bateman seem like the likeliest candidate because their series were nominated, but there have been more than a few occasions when the winner hasn’t had a nominated show.

I really want Bob Odenkirk to win. To say he is owed is an understatement. But I think the more likely winner is going to be Matthew Rhys for his superb performance in the title role in Perry Mason. The series was vastly underrepresented, Rhys was superb in the role, and let’s be honest, the Globes should have given him a trophy for The Americans. I think he’ll get it this year.

Should Win: Odenkirk.

Will Win: Rhys.


Killing Eve’s moment has passed, and I don’t think Sarah Paulson is worthy for Ratched. Laura Linney could prevail for Ozark, if the two nominees from The Crown cancel each other out. That said, I think it’s going to be one of them.

Colman is one of only two winners from last year with a chance to repeat, and she has a very good track record with the Hollywood Foreign Press in general. Emma Corrin’s work as Diana is superb, there is no question. But I think I’m going to give Colman the barest of edges.

Should Win: Corrin/Colman

Will Win: Colman.


The easiest prediction of the night. Much as I’d love to see Ted Lasso prevail, this is Schitt’s Creek’s time to shine. I don’t know if it can duplicate its track record at last year’s Emmys, but considering its five nominations, it’s impossible to imagine it losing. It’s just so darn nice.

Should Win/Will Win: Schitt’s Creek.


This one stings a little. I’ve come to truly marvel at Ramy Youseff’s work in Ramy (yes, his win last year was not a mistake) and Jason Sudeikis’ performance in Ted Lasso is just so funny and lovable that I want him to win.

But nothing can stand in the way of the juggernaut that is Eugene Levy. And really, nothing should. He is one of the greatest comic actors in history and he deserves every trophy he gets for Schitt’s Creek. Youseff already won, and as for Sudeikis, there’s always next year.

Should Win: Sudeikis.

Will Win: Levy.


And this one hurts even more. I really would like to see Kaley Cuoco win a prize for something — she was about the only person connected with The Big Bang Theory who never won anything. And really, I marvel at Jane Levy’s well, extraordinary, work on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

But just as was the case in Best Actor, I don’t think anything can prevent Catherine O’Hara from taking the prize. She’s a national treasure, though not nearly as recognized as much as her co-star Levy is, and she’s deserve to win something even longer. (They even satirized it once.) She doesn’t need consideration. She’s got this.

Should Win: Levy.

Will Win: O’Hara.

Be back tomorrow with Limited Series and the Supporting Awards.



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