Trying to Pick The Winners of My Favorite Awards Show

Part 2: Comedy Series

How nice will his acceptance speech be?

I’m actually quite a bit happier with the nominations for Best Comedy Series compared to the Golden Globes nods. There is definitely a much better chance for some variety here. Will they duplicate the Emmys and go all in on Schitt’s Creek? Hard to say, considering they tend to be more eclectic. Here are my best guesses.


Pen15 has no other nominations so it’s out. Mom deserves a win, but it may be too conventional for the Critics. I’d like to see either Better Things or Ramy but they didn’t get nearly enough love, and I think the same goes to The Flight Attendant.

It’s going to be a tossup between Schitt’s Creek, Ted Lasso and one show that was completely ignored by the Golden Globes What We do in the Shadows. The latter is the kind of series that has survived by critics’ favorable reactions, so I think it could pull an upset. That said, I think it’s more like Schitt’s Creek will prevail. The last few years the Critics Choice (at least for comedy) has been closer to the Emmys predictions, and the fact that they ignored until the last couple of years will be enough to carry the day.

Should Win: Ted Lasso.

Will Win: Schitt’s Creek.


I think Hank Azaria and Nicholas Hoult are out of the running. Matt Brewer could be a dark horse for WWDITS, but it’s unlikely. Again it comes down to the lead three contenders from the Golden Globes: Eugene Levy, Jason Sudeikis and Ramy Youseff.

Youseff probably should’ve won last year, so they could make it up to him. Sudeikis has the momentum from the Golden Globes, Levy from the Emmys. This is a tough call, but I’m going to give the barest of edges to Sudeikis. Youseff’s work was superior and deeper, but Sudeikis’ work had more layers the more you watch it. I really wouldn’t mind a tie.

Should Win: Youseff/Sudeikis.

Will Win: Sudeikis.


This is tougher than the Golden Globes. All of the candidates, with the possible exception of Demetriou, have a really good argument for winning. And frankly, Adlon and Rae should’ve won for the series that they created years ago. Cuoco’s had good luck here and Applegate’s deserving.

Of all the actresses, the one I want to win the most is Issa Rae for Insecure. But I think the ultimate winner will be the returning champion, Catherine O’Hara. She’s got the Emmy and the Golden Globes, she’s been very entertaining in the past as a presenter, and we all know how funny her speech was at the Globes.

Should Win: Rae.

Will Win: O’Hara (but really no bad choices).


This may be the easiest choice of the bunch. Andrew Rannels is unlikely to win. The two nominees from WWDITS probably cancel each other out. I really want Alex Newell to win for an extraordinary performance on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and William Fichtner needs to win for something, and I’m genuinely shocked this his first nomination.

But really, this is Daniel Levy’s to lose. Schitt’s Creek was his inspiration, this is his breakout moment, and he’s really a force of nature. If Mahershala Ali were in this category, I might debate the issue. But I have no problem with Levy winning.

Should Win: Newell.

Will Win: Levy.


A bit tougher. I don’t think Ashley Park or Lecy Goranson have much of a chance. Jaime Pressly is one of the great comic actresses of our time, and she is overdue a win. Hannah Waddingham has won me over as the not-as-cold-hearted as she think mogul on Ted Lasso. Rita Moreno is a national treasure.

I think the most likely winner is going to be Annie Murphy for Schitt’s Creek, but this is always the category where you could have an upset. And the Critics might very well spread the love to someone like Waddingham or Pressly. Murphy has the barest of edges right now, but don’t rule out a win for Moreno.

Should Win: Waddingham.

Will Win: Moreno/Murphy (they’d had ties here before.)

Tomorrow I wrap it up with Limited Series. I have no doubt here there will be some upsets.



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