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The Bold Type Puts Out Its Final Issue

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Ever since I discovered it — a little late, I admit — I have always loved Freeform’s The Bold Type. And really, there’s no reason I should. I’m not the series target audience. The series deals with three twenty-ish women who work at a women’s magazine and talk frequently about their sex lives and fashion, things that I despised when I saw them on Sex and the City (and to an extent, Girls.) But everything about this show rubs me the right way and delights me in the exact opposite matter that those series failed at.

Perhaps the main reason is because this is, foremost, about a series about friendship. And the bond between columnist Jane (Katie Stevens) stylist Sutton (Meghan Fahy) and political commentator Kat (Aisha Dee) is one of the deepest I’ve ever seen in all my years of watching television. Despite all of their romantic problems, difficulties with the magazine, health issues and their differing politics, these three women are each others soulmates. No matter what problems will visit them at Scarlet or tumult with their complicated romances, there’s always time to go into the fashion closet and drink a bottle of champagne. I think that no matter what your race or sex, gender or political identity, anybody can relate to at least one of them. And let’s not forget that this magazine may have the boss that everybody should have Jacqueline (the incredible Melora Hardin), the woman who puts principles above publication, even when it costs her, who always has her employees backs (not just the trio in question) and who knows she has to try harder, but never seems to mind that much. Forget Michael Scott (who actually worked for Hardin at The Office) Jacqueline is the Best Boss Ever.

But all good things must come to an end and thankfully, after a few months of suspense, the good people at Freeform decided to give The Bold Type a final season to end things on their own terms. As you’d expect, things are in chaos at Scarlet, and for our three heroines. Sutton has separated from her husband Richard (NO!) had an affair with a married friend on a return home, and is now trying to stumble through her job and family situation. Kat, after going through a long battle with Ava, Scarlet board member (and basically her exact opposite) ended up having a one night stand with her and is having trouble dealing with her romantic and political feelings. And Jane is now a columnist, pursuing a story about an abusive boss in the magazine world (who has ties to Jacqueline) and is trying to chase down the story while fighting romantic twinges for her current employee Scott.

I think this is the point to add that The Bold Type can also be really funny. All of the actresses are extremely skilled comediennes (the opening episode featured a hysterical moment where Sutton got roaring drunk and Jane trying to get her back to room, lost her). The sense of humor in the series is always teasing without ever really getting unpleasant, and the biggest laughs are usually on our leading ladies who are always game to do anything to humiliate themselves (though most of the time its off screen). And the series has always done a good job with its supporting cast. Oliver Grayson, Sutton’s mentor has always been good for some brilliant storyline, and the season opened with Alex Crawford bringing up a particular relevant story about just how much we should weigh our old tweets against us.

I really want a happy ending for all three of our leading ladies on The Bold Type. I’m not sure whether that would be romantic or career fulfillment, or both. But in a sense, Jane, Sutton and Kat have their happy ending already. They have each other and that friendship is bone deep. I actually wouldn’t mind a Bold Type movie a few years down the line. But until then, let’s raise on last glass of champagne to the women of Scarlet. They’ll always be our soulmates.

My score: 5 stars.



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